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 Ecological tourism is traveling to places where nature is untouched and having an aim-to get impressions about natural and cultural-ethnographic specialties of the territory not breaking an eco system. It is a definition of ecological organization.
To say easier, it is traveling which many Russian people dream of. The only thing that we can afford now is to have short trips to go fishing or to have a picnic on days off, staying in traffic jams for a long time, setting off to the places where we can hardly enjoy silence and natural beauty. There are many wonderful places in Russia which are suitable for ecological rest. But there are many “buts”. How to get to these places? The car is a good means of transport, but only when there are good roads. You can’t go far by bikes or on foot. Helicopter is the only means that can solve this problem. But it is not accessible for everybody.
 One more thing, ecological tourism must correspond to tough requirements. The litter is not dumped or diged in but is put in special containers. Halts and fires are made in special places made for this. Mushrooms, berries, flowers, medical herbs, any natural souvenirs are gathered only in places where it is allowed. Whoever was in our parks understands that it is not about us.
It turns out that all this is possible in European countries. Hotels, campings, cottages and huts where tourists stay are situated in such a way that they don’t break normal ecologically settled development of a landscape and don’t make it dirty. Hotels and campings are built from ecologically clean materials, their guests don’t waste energy and water, while drains and dumps are cleaned and hard household waste are utilized. Local people are involved in a tourist business and get an opportunity to develop traditional household forms. Tourists respect local cultural traditions. From this description, it is clear that ecological tourism is not a hard journey with a heavy rucksack. This traveling can be comfortable, but its organizers and participants understand that to have comfort at any cost especially among virgin nature is an inadmissible squandering.
 Massive sport tourism which was strongly developed in our country did harm to ecosystem. Summing up the definitions of ecological tourism, we can identify 3 main components:
1)    “knowing nature”, travelling which suggests having such elements of nature studying  that tourists can get while knowing new skills and knowledge from nature;
2)    “ecosystem conservation” suggests not only correct behavior of a group, but also its taking part in activities which help to protect an environment;
3)    “respect of local people’s interests” suggests not only following local laws and traditions, but also tourism contribution into socially economic development of tourist routes.
If one of these components is absent, there is no reason to speak about ecotourism. On our site you can find information about the places where you can have such a rest.

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